How can you make your daily life more sustainable?

How can you make your daily life more sustainable?

Sustainability may seem like a buzzword, but it's impossible to get tired of what makes our planet cleaner and ensures a secure future for us and our children.


We believe in slow living, friendship, and strong communities. Nature is very important to us because it is a source of inspiration.


How can you make your daily life more sustainable?

How is Dusty Linen contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow?

  1. We use only 100% linen in our products, which is a natural material and leaves no negative traces when it decomposes in nature.
  2. Our production is meticulously planned, and the fabrics are cut precisely to leave as few scraps as possible.
  3. We use leftover material to make accessories, so there is hardly any unused fabric.
  4. Dusty linen has a long tradition that comes from our ancestors. The history of linen goes back thousands of years to us.
  5. We have chosen a material that is extremely durable, much stronger than the cotton textiles we use at home. It allows us to use our products for longer and slow down consumption.


Dusty Linen has a diverse understanding of sustainability, ranging from an internal ideology to concrete actions that help to translate this close approach into production.


The well-being of nature is not a fad, it is everyone's daily responsibility. Let us leave the world as we found it.

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