Which linen curtain density to choose?

Which linen curtain density to choose?

When it comes to curtains – every detail matters. Room curtains take up a lot of visual space, so it is necessary to choose the ones you will enjoy. To make sure you don't get lost in the plethora of wishes and make the right choice, it is important to pay attention to certain aspects.


Which linen curtain density to choose?

Density = light and air permeability

Where to start when choosing curtains for your home? The criteria for the living room are slightly different from those for bedroom or kitchen curtains. So, the first thing we look at is the room we are choosing the product for.

Curtains for the bedroom

The bedroom is an intimate space for relaxation, so we always recommend a thicker linen curtain that lets in less light, creates a cosy atmosphere, and allows you to sleep well. We may not often think about it, but thicker curtains are better at insulating sounds and keeping out the cold that comes in through an open window. Although linen curtains are highly breathable, choosing a denser fabric will allow you to enjoy less light and cold air. For the bedroom, we recommend a thicker linen curtain (190 g/m2 density).

What to choose for the living room?

Linen curtains are a wonderful choice for your living room space. We invite you to choose a thinner (175 g/m2 density) linen curtain. They give a light, natural look, and at the same time protect from the neighbours' eyes and are sufficiently sun permeable. Linen curtains will be like the lungs of your space as the fabric is highly breathable. On a hot summer day, you'll be protected from the heat of the sun, but at the same time, you'll enjoy a pleasant breeze at home. This is perfect when homeowners seek both illumination and privacy.


What is important to consider when choosing linen curtains?

It should be noted that linen is a living fabric and may shrink slightly during washing. Thinner linen (175 g/m2 density) will shrink ~1% after washing, while thicker linen (190 g/m2 density) may shrink 1-3%. Therefore, please consider this fact before choosing the length of your curtains.


Linen curtains are the luxury of being able to enjoy the naturalness of your home and select fabrics that are not only sustainable but also elegant and easy to combine with different home interiors.

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