Why linen textile is the best option for children?

Why linen textile is the best option for children?

Parents carry unconditional love in their hearts and desire to give the best to their children, which is why we choose wisely what to use at home that is children-friendly.

Let's talk about the textiles we use in the bathroom and bedroom. Linen towels and bed linen are the best choices for your growing child. Why? Here are some reasons.


1. Suitable even for children with allergies and sensitive skin

Linen fabric is breathable and promotes free movement of air throughout. It releases moisture very fast, so this is why it does not contain microbes like other fabrics. It is a natural and sustainable textile - suitable for all children's skin types.


Why linen textile is the best option for children?

2. Stimulates blood flow

You probably wouldn't think it, but porous linen fabric in contact with the skin stimulates blood circulation, so the body is better supplied with oxygen. Cleaning your child's body daily with linen towels will ensure sufficient blood flow, especially in the extremities, which are often prone to cold.


3. Suitable for both summer and winter

It is a misconception that linen is a thin material only suitable for the warmer seasons. It is so versatile that in winter, on the contrary, it retains body heat and provides comfort. Linen is the perfect choice for your bedding. This natural thermoregulatory function allows you to ensure the right body temperature for children.

4. Static Free

Linen is one of the few fabrics with an anti-static effect. Linen blankets will create a feeling of comfort, cosiness and quality, as every touch will be natural and pleasant. It will not stick to the skin and therefore will not cause unpleasant sensations.


5. Breathable and quick drying

There are various situations - a hot summer night, a child sweating profusely, or an acute fever and soaked bedding. Linen fabrics are extremely absorbent and wick away liquids, so they absorb sweat easily and evaporate quickly.


And these are just a few benefits that will increase your child's comfort at home. Linen towels and bed linen are wise choices for caring parents.

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