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Linen fabric was used by generations many years back and today it is reborn in a new perspective. Today we list all the advantages of linen fabric and why this is simply the best fabric.

Linen is the strongest natural fabric in the world and is so versatile, that you can produce the most amazing colors and textures - from thick and blackout fabric to a super thin, lightweight one. So when it comes to home interior, you can create almost anything! From table linens, and linen curtains, to bedding and quilts, baby blankets and so much more!



Linen is most known for linen clothing and linen bedding, which is not surprising at all. Because of natural linen fiber, the fabric is super breathable and has temperature-regulating qualities, which is a huge plus during hot summer or cold winter nights.
The ability to wick moisture away from the body keeps your skin feeling fresh and cool. Linen fabric has unique filtering, bacteria resistant, ventilating, moisture absorbing, and evaporating capabilities. This means linen bedsheets are the perfect companion for a good night’s sleep.
Because of its anti-allergic qualities, linen is perfect for those who have sensitive skin or allergies. It is also good for the babies, even in a newborn stage. But its popularity can’t simply be because this ancient fabric has been used and loved in homes for generations. The appeal of linen is both about looks and benefits, making it an essential fabric for bedding.





Despite the popularity of linen in bedding and clothing, the fabric is used for many other things and is now replacing many other fabrics.

Linen is considered a very luxurious fabric, which can bring style, but is also a long-lasting and sustainable option. Linen fabric is twice as durable as cotton and can last for decades. This makes the cost-per-use amazingly low and ensures that buying linen bedlinen is a great investment.

Also, it can be used for many generations, and, for example, having a linen napkin set that your grandma used, gives a whole new and nostalgic feeling. Table linens are one of those must-have things. You just know, that if you need to decorate your table, adding a tablecloth, some napkins, and fresh flowers or a candle, can create an amazing atmosphere no matter the occasion.



Nowadays linen can have so many different looks!

You can have lightweight linen curtains for your beach house or thick ones that totally block light in your children's room. There are so many options, but to top it all - it is a great advantage for your health as well.

So all in all, if you are thinking of a new fabric for your bedding, tablecloths, or curtains - think no more! Linen is the way to go and is proven to be the most successful and worth buying.



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