Linen – a premium textile for your home

Linen – a premium textile for your home

Linen is a material that was used for thousands of years by our ancestors. This fabric is so natural, so strong and universal that even nowadays we value it as a great luxury.

Linen history speaks for itself

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics, dating back more than 9000 years. In Lithuania, linen was cultivated 4000 years ago. Something that has lasted for millennia is worthy of being in our modern household.


Linen – a premium textile for your home

Incredible comfort


Why has linen textile been worshipped throughout the years? Its lightness makes you forget about its being. The highly breathable fabric provides comfort and allows you to enjoy even the hottest days, making it one of the main helpers in cooling the body against the heat for thousands of years.

We can name many reasons why our grandmothers and mothers loved linen in the home. The thin, quick-drying fabric is not only useful in the bathroom but also in the kitchen.




Linen curtains – lungs of your home


Dusty linen bestseller – linen curtains are an actual act of luxury. A luxury of having a natural material around you at home, a comfort of highly breathable fabric that helps your home to inhale and exhale every second of life. Hot summer days become a lovely experience at home.

Suitable for children and sensitive skin owners

Every mother wants the touch of fabrics on her children's bodies to be as soft and safe as her hands. Dusty Linen products are made from 100% softened linen, so loving mothers are assured that the fabrics won't cause allergies and will allow even the smallest baby's skin to breathe. Linen bed linen or linen towels used in the home serve the purpose of comfort and create synergy with our skin.


Dusty Linen is a brand that combines modern-day living with time-tested home textile solutions.
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