What if a linen product has shrunk after washing?

What if a linen product has shrunk after washing?

dWe all love buying a product that will be the same for years. Linen is a live fabric which meets longevity expectations because of its durability and strong fabric, but it might surprise us in some daily care aspects. We are used to the fact that a product remains in the same parameters when washed, but linen has a tendency to shrink. What is there to know about it?

Why can linen fabric shrink?

Linen shrinkage occurs because, during the manufacturing process, fibres stretch. The production technology used stretches the fibres, so you may notice that the fabric has shrunk after the first wash. However, this will not always be the case if you know how to return the linen to its original state.

For handwashing

What if a linen product has shrunk after washing?

Choose cool water. It will prevent the linen from shrinking and will not change the fabric's parameters. Use mild detergent and rinse well in cool water. If the water is too cold or too hot, linen can change parameters, so it is important to choose cool water. There’s no need for fabric softener as linen gets softer and more supple with every wash. Remove the linen product from the water and gently press out any excess water. Hang it and wait for the extra water to drain. While the linen fabric is still damp, place it on the ironing board, and iron it at a mild temperature. Gently press the fabric while carefully stretching it back to its original size. We recommend using the steam mode for ironing.

For machine washing

Linen can also be machine-washed but not above 30 degrees. Do not use fabric softeners and bleach. It is not advisable to tumble dry the linen fabric if you want to restore its original parameters. After removing the fabric from the washing machine while still damp, iron it with a steam iron.


Natural fabrics have their own characteristics, but knowing how to handle them can help a product last many years.

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