Do you sometimes reminisce about your childhood and certain memories are just imprinted so deeply?

Have you ever seen how old ladies in Lithuania decorated tables in the past?

An Oak table, linen tablecloth, and home-baked bread make such good memories in our minds.

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Long-lasting linen fabric comes with new a life, a new sense of style, and sustainability. Multiple colors and sizes allow you to create unusual combinations, from tiny table decorations to curtains or the softest bedding. Unleash your creativity, maintain sustainability, and create coziness - such traditions are nurtured by Dusty Linen products.

Our company mission is to enrich customers' lives, ensure quality, and create innovative solutions for a cozy home. Dusty Linen products – include what people need in their daily routine, which is used not as a constantly changing decoration, but as a long-term investment in a natural product.

RITA - the owner of Dusty Linen

I remember my childhood and those good old summer days spent in the countryside… Fresh air, birds chirping, the laughter of my cousins, and she… my Grandmother. She always had a linen apron on when meeting her grandchildren with the biggest smile on Her face.

All of these loving images are deeply imprinted in my memory to this day. And back then I had no idea how much these happy carefree days will affect my nowadays life..


I lost my grandmother quite young, but still, to this day I remember..

Her smile, Her hard-working hands, and Her love for her family. I can clearly see how She used to summon us to the dinner table which was decorated with linen tablecloth, a small vase with wildflowers, and always a jar of warm milk on the side. 

After more than 25 years my life took a turn. I rediscover my roots and linen items within it. After so many years, I felt the linen and all the memories came flashing back. All these warm images and the dinner table with my grandmother home cooked meal filled my heart and soul. 

That is how Dusty Linen started. From the deep love of long-lasting and nostalgic things. I believe many of you can relate to these memories in one way or another… I believe that the values Dusty Linen represents are very important to our customers and a key to our uniqueness.



We as a brand are strong believers in nature and doing all we can to
cherish it. We feel responsible to use less, waste less, and consume

At this point, we use recycled packaging that is marked with the appropriate signs, to make sure our customers from all over the world receive their orders undamaged. Besides that, we do other work to
make sure we are sustainable and responsible. First of all, we have
signed contracts with government organizations that take care of plastic
recycling and we actively encourage others to do so in our activities.
We do not waste. All the leftover fabrics are used or donated to art


All items are handmade just after the purchase.  We use the highest quality stonewashed and softened European linen that meets OEKO-TEX 100 standards which means no harmful dyes were used. We take care of our team and try to ensure the best working conditions


Our core values are family and spending quality time with your loved ones. Enjoying a breeze of fresh air and living in the moment trying to enjoy the everyday. We believe in slow living, friendships, and a strong


We have organized our production in a way to minimize the production and post-production surplus as much as possible. We actually make our products only after receiving an order. Such system gives us plenty of flexibility and enables us to make textiles in all sizes, at the same time minimalizing the surplus of products in the storing room.

We economize the fabric during cutting. Products are placed on the fabric to minimize leftovers, which are, by the way, used to make ties for our curtains and bedding. Napkins are made of the squares left from sewing fitted sheets.

Maybe you are asking why Linen?

The answer is simple...

It is one of the oldest and most durable known plants, its fiber is resistant to many factors, and it is ecological and harmless to nature. Forgotten but suddenly become alive, and now living in the golden times. A lot of consumers do not want to change linen products to anything else. The fabric is breathable, soft, and pastel colors, absorbing moisture, and nice for the skin and eyes.

We hope to reach a customer whose desires and values match our aspirations, fabric durability, comfort, and coziness. Warm feedback is the most important aspiration in the DustyLinen family, just small things going to help you and us express common dreams. We love connecting with our customers and making sure they are treated as family.

  • Dusty Linen origin of the Product: Lithuania, Europe.
  • DustyLinen: Creators of Durable and Eco-Friendly Products
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