Valentine's day Gift ideas 🤍

Valentine's day Gift ideas 🤍

Explore Valentine's day gift ideas for your loved one!


The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, so we invite you to be creative, and loving and surprise your other half with the most thoughtful and practical gifts. If you are struggling to find something special for Valentine’s day, search no more!

Here’s a list of Valentine’s day gifts that even the pickiest can find something they like.


Enjoy the gift together - A large waffle blanket

They’re people who enjoy getting gifts and those who enjoy receiving them, but with our waffle linen blankets, you can have both! It is suitable for men or women and you can use it as a sofa cover, blanket, bed coverlet, or just warp yourself in the softest fluffiest blanket. It is big enough so both of you will stay warm and enjoy each other’s company.

Available in a few other warm tones, so you will easily incorporate this linen-cotton blend blanket into your home interior

Valentine's day Gift ideas 🤍

A linen apron

Does your significant one enjoy cooking? Or maybe barbequing? Maybe your loved one spends all day outside taking care of a garden? Well, in that case, a linen apron is a necessity! 

It will keep your clothes clean, is super comfortable, and does not limit your movements. Our 100% linen aprons are super easy to care for and will last you a lifetime! Check out the color palette we offer - the shades vary from pastel ones to very bright ones!

Linen tableware

For someone who loves hosting, as well as cooking, we have a wide range of linen tablecloths, linen napkins, linen table runners, placemats, and so on.

Imagine how beautiful the gift is when it is so thoughtful, long-lasting and so beautifully presented. You can create a variety of styles using linen accessories. From rustic - to a romantic one.

Kitchen essentials

Specifically for someone who spends the majority of time preparing meals and other goods for their loved ones - having a set of linen tea towels, a linen pot holder, and an oven mitt, will be used every day! Products absorb water very well and get even better with every wash. 

Linen bedding set

For that luxurious feeling and if you want it to be extra special - you can always gift a linen bedding set. Imagine after a long day, laying on fresh linen sheets. There’s nothing better! 

Besides it looking beautiful, linen has multiple health benefits and is proven to sleep you deeper. It regulates your body temperature, so you won’t get cold in the winter, or hot in the summer.

You both get to enjoy this gift for many years ahead.


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